ABS/Student Council Activities

Leadership class and Student Council were productive the month of November. We hosted a canned food drive to benefit others in our community. Curtis Creek School donated over 400 cans to ATCCA to help those in need this season. Mrs. Ditler's homeroom brought the most cans-142 and earned a class party!

Leadership class organized a Turkey Trot in which the whole school participated. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners of the K-1, 2-3, 4-5 and 6-8 grades were given prizes. Some students also dressed up as turkeys and Sophia Pinkston won the "Best Dressed Turkey" award!

Leadership and Student Council will be selling "Holiday grams" for 25 cents December 9th-13th during lunch recess for grades 4-8 and during the morning recess for primary grades. These are notes on which students may write a message and send to friends at Curtis Creek. Leadership students attach a piece of candy and deliver them on Friday, December 20th.

Finally, we want to thank families who have deposited their recycling at Cal Sierra and have donated their proceeds to Curtis Creek Student Council. With these funds the Student Council is able to sponsor the activities we do for students throughout the year.

Curtis Creek Student Council Vision Statement

Student Council exists to help Curtis Creek School become a safe, clean, inclusive environment where students learn to become intelligent, respectful members of society with few behavior problems.

The leadership class is planning on helping to implement Character Counts! They are brainstorming activities to do on both the K-2 and 3-5 recess yards at lunch. They are planning on teaching/leading new games, refereeing existing ones, and giving out Character Counts! Pillar cards as they see kids demonstrating the target traits. As students earn all 6 character cards, they will be able to turn them in for a prize. We believe this will help build a school community, as older students will be working with younger students. We are also planning to buddy up classrooms with older and younger students to sit together at assemblies.

Our Leadership class organizes events such as Red Ribbon Week, canned food drive, a charitable drive (last year we did Pennies for Patients—for leukemia patients), a talent show, recycling program, holiday grams, dances, and staff appreciation projects.